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Brakes are the most important safety feature of your car. Ceramic Brake Pads are the most durable and surest of various types of brake pads available. They work best in both regular city as well as highway driving conditions (see below for more information). However, owing to their higher cost, car owners compromise on their safety and go for cheaper options.

QCP now brings to you the advantage of Ceramic Brake Pads at a price that is difficult to refuse!

Once you have the surest braking power in your car, you can now drive at the right speed and need not be worried about driving slowly to be able to stop in time.

Yes! you need good brakes in your car to go faster!


Advantage of Ceramic Pads

When Disc Brakes became popular Asbestos was used as the material for Brake Pads. This was because asbestos offered a resilient yet a very heat resistant material at a low cost.

However, towards the turn of the last century, environmental concerns forced auto companies to scout for alternatives to Asbestos.

Various fibres like Rubber, Carbon, Kevlar and Glass were held together with resins to form an “Organic” alternative to Asbestos. This helped to make the first Environment Friendly (read Asbestos Free) Brake Pads.

Further developments allowed the use of metals like steel, iron, copper, etc. to be incorporated in the formulations. The metal helped in better dissipation of heat away from the rotor and more efficient brake cooling. This was the advent of the “Semi Metallic” variety.

The latest technology in brake pads uses “Ceramic” formulations consisting of Copper Fibres embedded in ceramic material. This allows them to handle extremely high temperatures, and give quieter braking without compromising on performance. Therefore, Ceramic Pads are the best all round option for surest braking. However, they may not be material of choice for extremely cold temperatures.


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QCP Premium Brake Pads are brought to you in India by LMC Enterprises Pvt Ltd, a trusted name for sourcing the highest quality of Automotive Components for Cars, Bikes, Trucks and Tractors.

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